T&D's Cats of the World


When we are too old to do tricks
When we just can't do what we used to
When they expect us to jump through
Fired hoops and we can't
When it costs more to feed us
Than we apparently earn
When our expendability becomes obvious
When it seems no one wants us

When we mature
When we grow and become
What we were destined to be
When we are more than just a cute cuddly kitten
When we outgrow our little pen
And outstay our welcome
When we eat more than our owners are prepared to offer
When our playfulness is perceived as dangerous
When our neighbors complain
Our pens need cleaned
Our water changed
When it seems no one wants us

When we are battered and abused
When we are afraid and wary
When we are poked and prodded
When we lie in our own filth
When we have no room to move about
And no will to live
When we are hated until we hate
When sadness and desperation fill our days and hearts
When it seems no one wants us
By P.B.

WE ARE THE HOPE.  We open our hearts to the unwanted and mistreated.  We care for those who can not care for themselves.  We speak for those who can not form words. We educate in an effort to prevent more pain and suffering.  We help people see that the animals are not to blame.
They are the victims of ignorance and greed.  We take all the animals that we can, but their needs and numbers continue to overwhelm us.  If it wasn't for the help of caring individuals, we could never keep up with the demand for our assistance.  Although we get no government funds or business sponsorships, individuals aid our cause by donating food, building materials, and funds.  If you or someone you know wishes to help give hope, please contact us.
We can not continue our efforts without help from the public. The animals need generous people, like you, to help provide food, large enclosures, enrichment, and veterinarian care.

T&D's receives animals in need from private individuals, government agencies, zoos, and other refuge organizations. We provide a permanent home for these animals and open each summer to share their beauty with you. Nearly 300 abused, mistreated, or unwanted animals call T&D's home, including 50 felines (lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, bobcats, servals, and lynx). Other animals- bears, fox, deer, coyotes, wolf-dogs, raccoons, primates, parrots, and others - have also found their way to T&D's. Visit Us

T&D's is fully licensed by the state and federal governments to house and exhibit wildlife. Professional animal care is provided by the Mattive family and dedicated veterinarians at the onsite medical building

T&D's is not funded by the government. The care of the animals is made possible in part by private contributions. T&D's does not breed, buy, or sell exotic wildlife. Learn more about funding here.

T&D's strives to provide large enclosures for the animals in our care. You will find tigers cooling off in the pond within their two acre exercise area, lions lounging in an acre exhibit, and bears wandering about their acre enclosure. Catch a glimpse of the wolves in their acre enclosure or the coyotes playing "King of the Hill" in their 1/2 acre enclosure. We continue to provide larger and new enclosures for the animals when funds allow.  Donations accepted to help defray the cost of materials. See photos and learn more about the homes that T&D's animals live in here.

Besides providing room to run, T&D's also believes in enriching the animals lives. As you walk around, you may see balls, tires, ropes, and other items provided for the animals enjoyment.  More examples of animal enrichment here.

Diet is also extremely important. The carnivores eat over 12,000 pounds of meat each and every month! This is equivalent to 10-12 cows! Each lion and each tiger needs 30-40 pounds (and sometimes up to 100 pounds) of meat every day.  Click here to learn more about animal care.

Please make a donation today either by PayPal (you will need our email tdscats@verizon.net to make a donation) or by check.
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